Do you set-up, tear-down, fix, load or un-load booths or materials at conventions? Then you may need to follow this section.

Overview of Requirements for Conventions

Why, Who, and What?

In 2019 the Nevada Legislature enacted a requirement for those persons in volved in convention services industry to take training designed to help keep them safe from workplace illnesses and injuries on convention sites.  The training that was selected was the Occupational Safety and Health Administrations 10 and 30 Hour Construction or General Industry Course.  Those jobs that most closely resemble construction will benefit most from taking the construction course and those jobs that are more general industry will benefit most from taking the General Industry course.  The 10 Hour card is required for those involved in accomplishing the hands-on activities and the 30 hour card is required for those who supervise them.

OSHA Card Verification

Proof of Training?

If you as a worker (10-hour card) or supervisory employee (30-hour card) fails to present your employer with a current and valid completion card for an OSHA-10 or 30 hour Construction or General Industry Course as required by the NRS within 15 days of hire, your employer is required to suspend or terminate your employment.  As of 01/01/2020 all OSHA 10 and 30 hour card issued in the state of Nevada are required by law to be entered in to a verification data base by the trainer completing the training.  The button below will take you to the verification site.

What the Law Says

Except as otherwise provided in this subsection, “worker” means a person whose primary occupation is to perform convention services work at a site. The term does not include a person whose primary occupation is to:
(a) Perform catering;
(b) Perform janitorial services;
(c) Perform photography;
(d) Provide security; or
(e) Provide, maintain or arrange floral decorations or displays.
2.  As used in this section, “convention services work” includes, without limitation:
(a) Constructing, installing, maintaining, operating or removing trade show or exhibition displays;
(b) Loading or unloading equipment and materials;
(c) Erecting or dismantling booths and structures;
(d) Rigging display areas; and
(e) Installing temporary electrical power for use in display area

“Supervisory employee” means any person having authority in the interest of the employer to hire, transfer, suspend, lay off, recall, promote, discharge, assign, reward or discipline other employees or responsibility to direct them, to adjust their grievances or effectively to recommend such action, if in connection with the foregoing, the exercise of such authority is not of a merely routine or clerical nature but requires the use of independent judgment. The exercise of such authority shall not be deemed to place the employee in supervisory employee status unless the exercise of such authority occupies a significant portion of the employee’s workday.

Industry Requirements

It is the requirement of the employee to obtain their trainings. Labor and supervisor trainings must be completed within 15 days after hiring.

10-Hour Construction (Labor) 10-Hour General Industry (Labor) 30-Hour Construction (Supervisor) 30-Hour General Industry (Supervisor)

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