Frequently Asked Questions

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    Under this statute, what are the responsibilities of an owner builder general contractor or sole proprietor having no employees regarding their sub-contractor’s employees?

    An employer only has responsibility for their own employees (no employees no responsibility). They are not responsible for employees of subcontractors under this statute.

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    Can an employer make this required training a “Condition of Employment” prior to hiring a new employee?

    Generally speaking, an employer may legally do so according to the Nevada Office of the Labor Commissioner. An employer may require a prospective employee to present their OSHA 10 or 30 Hour Course Completion card or proof of training prior to hiring them. In this situation, the costs associated with obtaining this training could lie with the prospective employee.

    Since this question again involves labor law, employers should contact one of the two Nevada Offices of the Labor Commissioner (Las Vegas (702) 486-2650 and Carson City (775) 687-4850) for more specific guidance.

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    Must the employer or employee pay for this mandatory training and should an employee be paid while attending this training?

    This question pertains to labor law and thus falls under the purview of the Labor Commissioner. Since the answer is dependent on specific situations, please contact one of the two Nevada Offices of the Labor Commissioner (Las Vegas (702) 486-2650 and Carson City (775) 687-4850) for further guidance.

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    Does the employer have any appeal rights?

    Yes. Before a fine or any other penalty is imposed upon an employer, they have the same rights to contest it as for any other OSHA citation.

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    What happens if my employer fails to comply with the statute?

    Employers would face the following OSHA penalties: $500 fine upon the first violation; $1,000 fine upon the second violation; penalty provided in NRS 618.635 as if the employee had committed a willful violation upon the third and subsequent violations.

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    What happens if I fail to obtain my OSHA Course Completion card within 15 days?

    Your employer must terminate or suspend employment of any supervisor or employee who fails to present that employer with a current and valid OSHA 10 or 30 Hour card or similar training approved by the Nevada Division of Industrial Relations.

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    Does OSHA 10 and 30 Hour Construction or General Industry training or other training approved by Nevada’s Division of Industrial Relations have to be in the language or format that the employee understands?

    Yes. A Nevada Revised Statute (NRS 618.383) regarding Written Workplace Safety Programs requires that all training programs be conducted and made available in a language and format that is understandable to each employee.

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    How can I confirm a 10 or 30-hour Cardholder is valid?

    An employer can confirm if a 10 or 30-hour Cardholder is valid on this site to search for any verified OSHA cardholders.

    • The last name and card number are required.
    • Issue Date is optional.
    • The system can verify cards issued AFTER January 1, 2020.
    • Cards issued prior to January 1, 2020, may not be verified in the system. For cards issued prior to January 1, 2020, the cardholder will need to contact their issuing trainer to facilitate verification.
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    If I lost my card, do I need to take the class again?

    You get 1 replacement card during the first five years after completing the course. If you lose it a second time you will need to take the class again.

    If you lose your card and you cannot find or reach the original trainer that trained you, you must take the class again.

    If you lose your card and your training was beyond 5 years ago, you must take the class again.

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    I have lost my card. Can SCATS replace my card?

    The trainer that you took the class from is the only person that can replace your card. If the trainer was with SCATS, then yes, we can replace your card if it is not older than 5 years old. If you took the training with someone else, you must contact the trainer that gave you the training.